Brown corundum can be said to be an industrial refiner. It can be used as a grinding wheel for sandblasting, can be freely ground, and can also be made into a resin mold. These are determined by its performance. In addition, brown corundum can be used as the raw material of automobile brake parts, which is solid and durable. It can also be used as a kind of metal or non-metal filter screen, such as non-ferrous metal filter or oil drilling filter and so on.

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The heating rate of brown corundum is also very low, so it can be used to burn the mold, and the color of the fired mold is very unusual, dark blue, so the effect of burning the mold is very good, which is the third role of brown corundum. There is another characteristic of brown corundum, that is, it has good fluidity. Because of its good fluidity, the expansion coefficient will be reduced a lot. Therefore, as a filler, it is a good way. This is the fourth function of brown corundum.web:

In the production of micropowder, chamber dryer is often used, and the heat source is mainly convection hot air or electric drying. When convection hot air is used for drying, the tray with materials is placed on the bracket, and the hot air flows in the room to dry the green body and take away the moisture. The features of this kind of dry operation equipment are that the dry bath operation is intermittent, with high heat consumption, uneven drying, poor working conditions and high labor intensity, but the equipment is relatively simple, and the drying system is changed in Rongchang.

There are several methods of hydraulic classification, such as sedimentation method, overflow method, swirl method and centrifugal method. The sedimentation method is based on the mechanism of different settling speed of particles in the water. The overflow method is based on the same mechanism as the sedimentation method, but it uses the water flow speed greater than the particle settling degree to bring out the particles. The hydrocyclone method is the centrifugal force produced by the high-speed rotation of slurry in the hydrocyclone, and the white aluminum oxide particle size is different, so the centrifugal force is different, so that the particle size is separated.

Abrasive is a granular material with required size. Granulating process is to crush, screen or water the massive crystal obtained after smelting into particles of certain size, and then magnetic separation to remove the magnetic substances. Silicon carbide abrasive still needs water separation and chemical treatment, and corundum sometimes needs to be shaped and calcined, and finally made into abrasive products that meet the requirements. The machines used in abrasive processing are mostly the same as those used in ore dressing.

However, white corundum usually contains some impurities. The higher the purity and quality, the less the impurities in white corundum. The content of impurities directly affects the properties of white corundum. The impurities in white corundum mainly include SiO2, TiO2, Fe2O3, etc. These impurities will affect his fire resistance, some of them are fusible, some of them have high melting point, but when they exist together, they may produce fusible substances at high temperature.